"Kharzem Fortress - Part Two"
Episode 26, Season 2
Air date: 29 April 2007
Previous episode:
"Kharzem Fortress - Part One"
Next episode:

It is the final showdown between Lena and Oslo but is Lena strong enough to take down Oslo? Meanwhile, Mahad and Mila escape from Kharzem Fortress before it is severely damaged. Oslo manages to survive but is it too late for Lena to escape and will she survive? Diwan seemingly dies, Lena and Mahad retrieve their mother. Oslo tells Lena that her father is alive and he knows where he is, she doesn't believe him. Kharzem Fortress is severely damaged, Oslo survives and laughs maniacally. Brigs that use seijin power are introduced.

This is the final episode in the series.

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