Aran Cortes
Full portrait render of Aran Cortes


Rebel Pirates






Christophe Cortes
Adoptive father of Cheng

About Cortes Edit

Gruff, and severe but just, with a tendency to be blasé. He's aware of his responsibilities as "father figure" and protector of Puerto Angel. He tends to be quick to irritation. Cortes was part of the original Pirate Rebellion and knew Marcus Farrell "by reputation." His weapon of choice is a shotgun. In the English dub, he has a dubious Scottish accent. Despite wearing his uniform with the Pirate crest even when "off duty" in Puerto Angel, Cortes "personalizes" it with a Tartan instead of a belt. He knew Cheng's mother before she was supposedly killed, and seems to have had a soft spot for her.

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