The Hyperion

The Hyperion is a heavy snubfighter previously owned by Marcus Farrell, now owned by Mahad.


A C-class fighter, originally created by the Sphere. It was the only prototype before Marcus Farrell stole it and modified it to the Hyperion. Marcus Farrell had this ship up until his date of disappearance/death. It was found by Mahad in the second episode of the first season inside a multi-storey carpark in the New York block and was flown by him until its destruction at Kharzem Prison when Lena and Mahad went to rescue their mother. The craft has two entrances: one to the cockpit; and a repair station hatch to the lower parts of the ship. The co-pilot seat can go down to the lower section. A Mosquito can be attached to its belly. The Hyperion's form consists of a main body, with cockpit extending from the top rear; the engines contained in two separate nacelles on either side of the main body.

Armament and StatisticsEdit

The Hyperion is armed with dual-barrel energy cannons within either engine pod, along with dual guided missile launchers. It also appears to have some kind of nural linkup for the pilot. As Mahad said "it knows what i want it to do". Although this is just a guess, and it may just be that agile.