About Kharzem Prison Edit

Kharzem Prison

Kharzem Prison is but one of many Sphere Cubes that form into Kharzem Fortress. Kharzem Prison is Skyland's most secure prison, for holding dangerous criminals. No one knows exactly where it is, apart from a few members of the Sphere. No one can exactly find it because it constantly changes it position. However, the Hyperion had a map to Kharzem, wherever it is located. In appearance, Kharzem Prison looks like a large Borg-like cube with green lights. With the other cubes, it forms into a massive cube formation, where whole layers can uniformly rotate like a giant Rubik's Cube. There is enough space between the cubes for ships the size of the Monolith to go through. The center of Kharzem is hollow, the place where Mila was held.

Although the intention were to have a fleet of Prison ships that could hold dangerous criminals, Oslo used it as a prison to hold powerful rogue Seijin, so he could harness their Seijin-energy. With it, he could power himself, or an army of powerful, Seijin-powered Alpha Brigs. Seijin prisoners are fasten into a chair, and lowered into an isolation chamber. The cell is equipped with a Light Chamber and an anti-seijin field that nullifies Seijin powers.

Design and ConfigurationEdit

It can only be estimated to how large each Prison cube is. Kharzem Fortress itself is made up of a total of 3,033 cubes; 15 cubes square, with an empty cavity at the center that could hold an extra 343 cubes, save for the exact center, which holds the core cube. The core cube held Mila.

The cubes hold no troops, nor ships.

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