Lucretia, leader of the Wind Devils.

Lucretia is the leader of a notorious gang of outlaws called the Wind Devils. She is an old friend of Mahad's from Babylonia.



Lucretia is a strong woman who has successfully led the Wind Devils for a year since leaving Babylonia. She is a mercenary for the sake of profit and wind sailing, and has little interest in the affairs of others. She is impatient when it comes ship repairs and sailing.


Before leading the Wind Devils, she participated in races. She won against Mahad in the Wave Sailing Challenge, although he claims that he was 'disqualified on a technicality'.


Appeared in episode 16, "Wind Devils".

Mahad encounters Lucretia after abandoning the Albatross during an escort mission to go wind sailing. She overtakes him in a red mosquito in race, after which they both land on the main ship of the Wind Devils. It turns out the group has attracted the attention of a Sphere patroller squad, which complicates the escort mission the St.Nazaire is trying to conduct. Lucretia offers drop Mahad off on a bloc after the gravity currents go by, but is otherwise apathetic to the rebel's situation.

She participates in in a race against Mahad using two mosquito fighters at the end of episode 16, "Wind Devils."

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