Name: Oslo
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Seijin: Yes
Side: The Sphere

Oslo is the evil Leader of the Guardians and Commander of the Sphere, who is driven a prophecy to capture Lena so he can use her to rule Skyland.

About OsloEdit

Brother of Darius, he comes from Vandegaard, a Scandinavian block. Leader of the Guardians and Commander of the Sphere. He knew Mila back in the Sphere Academy. They were best friends, inseparable. On their first mission together, they were sent to capture Marcus Farrell. When he found Mila, he attempted to turn her to fulfill the Prophecy, rule all of Skyland and take control of the Sphere. After hearing that her daughter was far more powerful, he decided to capture Lena. Absolute master of his highly developed Seijin powers. Oslo is able to use his powers in the dark and light by keeping himself exposed to sunlight night and day. Mila said that being able to use his powers in the dark would destroy him from the inside. He is a rival to Marcus, in that Marcus "stole" Mila from him. He told Lena that Marcus was alive but she found it hard to believe. It is slightly obvious that Oslo has strong feelings for Mila, though she does not for him.

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