Author: David Carlyle
Format: 15x22 cm hardcover with jacket
Pages: 288
Target Age: Young Adults

The Skyland book series is a line of young adult fantasy, written by David Carlyle, that takes place in the Skyland fiction. The book series is centered round two teenagers — Laurence and Valerie — who fall in love with each other, despite their backgrounds making it difficult for them to be together.

The Series Titles (in order):
1. Islands in the Wind (Isole nel Vento)
2. The Storm Ship (La Nave delle Tempeste)
3. The Water War (La Guerra Dell'acqua)


Planet Earth. Spring 2078, Iceland. Young doctor Lily Carlyle is working on a top secret research project in a laboratory thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. But something is wrong. Humans, animals, and plants are being affected by strange genetic mutations. Earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions are occurring all over the planet. Soon, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

Skyland. Messidor 2251, New Forest. Two men, José and his teenage son Laurence, are deep in a forest of twisted, lifeless trees in a desperate race against the clock to find the most precious of all commodities: water. Skyland’s water supplies are almost exhausted. Lakes, rivers, and oceans no longer exist. In a world made of fragments of rock suspended in mid-air, it could be no other way.

Skyland. Prairial 2251, New Oxford. Valerie is sixteen and a member of the Seijin caste, highly developed human beings, able to harness the power that holds Skyland together. Valerie is constantly torn between her sense of superiority over the Jinsei (the ancient human race) and her own deeper, more human emotions. Her life at the institution is hard, without warmth or any real friends. But she doesn’t know that she is about to be thrown together with Laurence and their worlds turned upside down by the discovery of a precious artifact from the past: the Carlyle Dossier, the key to the secrets of Skyland.

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