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Additions and Adoptions Edit

I've added some pages/photos to the wiki. It doesn't look like any of the original editors are around...which is a shame since the wiki really isn't finished. I cleaned up a number of pages that had horrid spelling and grammar mistakes.

I noticed that you haven't been here for almost 3 years. I was thinking of adopting the wiki so I can fully implement some changes that I think would make it look better. Particarly I'd like to replace those awkward boxes some of the character pages have and add proper info boxes, like the one I added to the Cortes page. I just need to be able to edit the css so I can make sure the colors mesh with the wiki. I'm going to submit a request for adoption soon, so I'll give you some time to respond, however unlikely that may be.

ASingleMind (talk) 01:03, March 26, 2014 (UTC)ASingleMind

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