Puerto Angel Dock

The Saint Nazaire at dock, and the Hyperion outside the house of Mahad & Lena.

The Rebel Pirates are a band of air pirate-rebels. They are made-up of the crew from the Saint Nazaire, and are lead by Cortes. They operates out of Puerto Angel.

About The Rebel Pirates Edit

A group of 'free' citizens who are opposed to the Sphere's control of Skyland and hope to free everyone trapped within it. Their numbers were numerous, under the command of Marcus Farrell. Unfortunately, during a huge offense against the Sphere, there were many casualties and Marcus might have died. Today, the remainder of the Rebellion live in hiding, still struggling to survive and bring the Sphere down.

Known Members of the Rebel Pirates:

  • Marcus Farrell — Former leader of the Pirate Rebellion; Fathar of Lena and Mahad. (lost and assumed dead)
  • Mila — Retired member of the Pirate Rebels; Mother of Lena and Mahad. (held prisoner by the Sphere)
  • Cortes — Rebel leader; Captain of the Saint Nazaire.
  • Wayan — Second-in-command/first officer of the Saint Nazaire (co-pilots the ship and commands the Mosquito Squadron).
  • Dahlia — Pilot of the Saint Nazaire.
  • Cheng — Young technician on the Saint Nazaire.
  • Mosquito Pilots — Nameless band of pilots with two squad leaders.
  • Mahad — Pilot of the Hyperion; Son of the former rebel leader.
  • Lena — Powerful young Seijin; Daughter of the former rebel leader.
  • Christophe Cortes — Former member of the Pirate Rebels; Captain of the Callisto.

Known Affiliates:

  • The Vector — A scientist that lives on Puerto Angel.
  • Patrucci — A citizen of Puerto Angel; extremely paranoid.

Known Ships:

  • Saint Nazaire — A heavy frigate captained by Cortes
  • Callisto — The sister ship of the Saint Nazaire.
  • Hyperion — A small ship captained by Mahad; formerly Marcus Farrell.

Known Technology:

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